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The ministries of Roberta Church are driven by a desire to give everyone a solid direction for life. Hard decisions have to be made in the midst of confusing alternatives. It is the Word of God that brings the clarity and direction we need when we find ourselves at difficult crossroads. We hope you find a place to grow and to serve along this wonderful journey we walk by faith.



Thanks to everyone who is taking seriously Bring A Friend To Church initiative.  Our average weekly attendance is increasing and the activity level of all our ministries has grown.


The other day one of our folks said to me, “Pastor, I knew my neighbor didn’t go to church-you just know those things. But it had never really dawned on me that I should invite them to our church, until you said what you did about how we are supposed to do that.”


Only 25%, that’s 1 in 4 households, are active church attenders. So while lots of folks claim to believe in God – very few are actually working on a commitment.  Share your faith in Jesus, there are so many eager to hear about our Lord Jesus Christ.

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