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Reflections on Christmas


In the past few days, we have celebrated Christmas Day.


My mind is racing as I think about the emotions that must have swirled in the minds and hearts of Joseph and Mary as they held baby Jesus, both of them knowing that Jesus’ birth was the most extraordinary conception, delivery and birth that the world had ever known.


Can you imagine how conflicted Joseph must have been?  First, the deep hurt that he must have felt that his lovely Mary had been unfaithful to him, until the angel came with the message that the power of the Holy Spirit had come upon this teenage, virgin girl, who loved God and Joseph, and in her womb had created this little embryo.


Then, consider how Mary must have felt, no one to attend her, no doctors nor anesthesia, just Mary looking on that little baby that she knew was the Messiah, the deliverer of the world.


Nobody would understand it or know for a while, but there they were, Joseph and Mary holding in their arms God in human flesh.  They were chosen to embrace and caress the hope of all the ages.


The message of Christmas was and is that we needed a savior to come to where we are to undo the shackles and set us free from our sin.


Folks, let’s not make it complicated.  It is this simple, everything we have ever longed for, we have in Jesus Christ.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pastor Perry