Starting Sunday, March 28, we will return to our pre-COVID schedule. Sunday School will begin at 9:00AM and worship at 10:00AM.


We will still strive to adhere to our COVID-19 guidelines. These include: social distancing, mask wearing and temperature checks. We are asking our Sunday School classes to do the temperature checks with the thermometer provided in your classroom. Be sure to record attendance for each class session.


As in the past, there will be greeters at the Sanctuary and Welcome Center entrances to take care of these responsibilities for worship. The greeters should be in place by 9:30AM (thirty minutes prior to the 10:00AM service).


We believe that we can accommodate approximately ninety people in the Sanctuary. This includes those in the choir, pews and media center. At this point, reservations are not required, but you may wish to come early to ensure a seat in the Sanctuary. We will provide for overflow in the Welcome Center, as needed. The services will continue to be offered online for those who do not feel comfortable coming back at this time.


I want to thank our dedicated staff for their hard work during these taxing months and for doing double duty to make our two services work. Equally, I express my gratitude to our wonderful laity who have gone beyond the call of duty to make these months successful.


I am aware that the pandemic is not in the rearview mirror, though I am thankful that we are seeing many positive signs. Be assured that providing a place for you to worship as safely as possible is still my utmost priority.


In Christian Love,

Pastor Perry