History of Roberta UMC

1906  -           In 1906, a large brush arbor was erected and a very successful revival was held by Rev. D.A.                           Braswell and Rev. McSwain. At the close of the revival, Fairview Methodist Protestant Church                         was organized. 

1907  -          A brush arbor was erected on the spot where the Church now stands and another great revival                     was witnessed. In the spring of 1907, a building committee was appointed and soon                                   afterwards a plot of ground was bought from J.R. Blackwelder and the erection of the Church                       soon began. The names of John Foster, Hope McCall and John Kiser appeared on the deed as                         the first trustees.

1920  -          Fairview was made a station Church and thereafter was known to the conference as Roberta                       Methodist Protestant Church. 

1927-1930  -  Eight large Sunday School rooms were added to the Church. 

1939  -          The name became Roberta Methodist Church. 

1946  -          The first parsonage property was sold and the home of the late Sarah Blackwelder was                               purchased to be used as a parsonage. 

1948  -          Zeb D. Cochran convinced the congregation of the need of a new Church building and a                               building fund was started. 

1952  -          The contract for this new Church was given in the spring of to cost around $75,000. 

1953  -          The first service was held in the new brick Church on April 26, 1953.

1955  -          A mortgage burning service was held on May 29, 1955.

1956  -          Dedication of the new Church was held March 25, 1956.

1959  -          On September 4, 1959, construction began on a Fellowship Building to cost approximately                           $17,000.

1963  -          A beautiful new parsonage was built for more than $25,000. The site was donated by J.W.                             Cochran, Sr. and Flaves Furr.

1967  -          The debt on this project was paid in full and the parsonage was dedicated on May 21, 1967.

1968  -          The name was changed to Roberta United Methodist Church. Also in 1968, the Church pledged                     assistance on organizing Boy Scout Troop 98.

1972  -          The Maggie Carter Senior Citizens Club was organized and a trust fund was establishged for                         the cemetery to provide perpetual care and maintenance.

1985  -          The front of the Church was renovated in December to make provision for a handicapped                             ramp.

1986  -          The ramp project was paid for and dedicated in the fall

1996  -          The after school/summer child care ministry began under the leadership of Alice Ward,                               Director.

1998  -          A building program to renovate the sanctuary began, changing the choir, pulpit and altar areas.                     Space was included in the sanctuary for wheelchairs.

2000  -          Roberta Church broke ground for another building project to renovate the fellowship building                     and add a new commercial kitchen, bathrooms, storage space and a new covered entryway.  

2010  -          Construction began to build a new wing and welcome center onto the main Church building

2011  -           The new wing and welcome center was consecrated on Sunday, November 6.

2013  -          A playground was added to our Church campus

2015  -          New flooring was installed in our Fellowship Hall

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